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Free Range Pork Ibérico Coppa (Collar)

Free Range Pork Ibérico Coppa (Collar)

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  • Sustainably raised in Southern Spain
  • High in Omega-9s and oleic acid (the same healthy fat in olive oil)
  • Ships overnight alongside any of our perishable products

Portion per pack

Choose from 11oz+ or 19oz+ portion per pack!
Great serving for 2 adults!
Most pieces have a +/- 2oz difference in weight.


From Southern Spain, sourced only from humane family-owned farms.
These farms follow the methods provided by aleJAB, a non-profit which promotes the regeneration of soils and agroecosystems, through cooperative learning.

Cooking tips

Keep frozen, or consume within 5 days of delivery!

Ibérico Coppa is a thick cut from the upper collar. It is great for slow cooking. The high fat content within the muscles will break down when cooked at low heat for an extended period of time, giving you a super tender, melt-in-your-mouth bite!

Try it at covered at 250° for 3-4 hours or until the internal temp reaches 145°.

Heirloom Iberian Pigs, Free Range, 100% vegetarian diets free of any antibiotics or hormones.

This is truly the best pork found anywhere! The way pork is supposed to taste. You won't believe it until you've tried it. It is such high quality, this pork is even recommended to cook to a medium finish!

This Ibérico Pork is sourced from humane family-owned farms in Southern Spain. The slow growing black-hoofed hogs live nearly twice as long as their industrial counterparts and feed on nuts and grasses for a rich marbling and profound flavor.

This cut is called Ibérico Coppa, the "Money" cut from the upper collar which is great for rubs, glazing, and hitting the smoker.

All of our Ibérico cuts can have a +/- 2oz difference in weight. The weight in the product title is the average weight per piece.

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A5 Japanese Wagyu

Questions about this Nordic Selection

Why A5 Japanese Wagyu beef?

What better beef to go with the "best sashimi grade" seafood?

Not only is this authentic Japanese wagyu, it is A5, the highest grading you can get.

The Nordic Selections catalog only includes products considered "best in class".

What's the difference from Australian Wagyu and others?

If you are looking for true, authentic wagyu, Japan is the only place to get it.

Any other "wagyu" are hybrids and only made by cross-breeding different species of cow, yielding very different flavors and textures.

Our wagyu is 100% Japanese.

Can I get it fresh, not frozen?

Yes! If you are willing to wait.

Most Nordic Selections products are available to us fresh, but we do not source them on a weekly basis like our Nordic Catch seafood.

So we must freeze most of it between order cycles.

Reach out to if you'd like information about custom ordering.

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