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Nordic Catch

The Iceland Sweet Tooth - Bundle

The Iceland Sweet Tooth - Bundle

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Organic Sea Salts for the sweet tooth! Mildly sweet, a perfect addition to your favorite dessert, salad, or fruit!


Made from the purest Arctic seawater in the World! Slow heated using geothermal energy until all the water is evaporated, leaving pure, crunchy, flakey sea salt!
All ingredients are 100% natural and contain ZERO preservatives!


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This bundle includes the following:
select from 1.4oz Adjustable Grinder,  or 2.8oz Refill Bag!
1 x Rhubarb Angelica Sea Salt
1 x Blueberry Sea Salt
1 x Sweet Liquorice Root Sea Salt


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A little more about Nordic Catch Sea Salts

How long before my sea salt expires?

Practically never! All natural ingredients have been properly dried out and blended with our sea salt, to give you an "infinite" shelf life. Store in the pantry (somewhere dry)!

Is the grinder reusable?

Yes! The durable plastic grinder top can be removed from the glass jar and refilled with more of our sea salt.

Are your sea salts organic?

Yes! Though they are not certified by a 3rd party agency, there is nothing artifical about our sea salts. All-natural ingredients, free from colors or preservatives.

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