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Nordic Catch

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Always fresh. Never frozen.
Sustainably sourced from Iceland.
Delivered the same way, nationwide.

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Shipped Overnight! NO foam!
Only recycled cotton insulation!

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Consistent Portions

Laser-measured and filleted to minimize waste. Skin-packed at the source for maximum freshness.

No waste, no "overage" fees.

Never Frozen

Never Frozen

Sourced from the cleanest, coldest ocean waters around Iceland. No freezing ever needed.

Zero antibiotics or GMO's.


Truly Sustainable

From Iceland, highest sustainability ratings in the world! Traceable to the source!

Near-zero environmental impact.

Our Story

Nordic Catch is the only seafood company with a sole focus on sourcing Icelandic products, and delivering them fresh, directly to you.

Why Iceland?

It is consistently the most sustainable country in the world. All fish in Iceland, wild or farmed, meet the strictest guidelines put in place by their very own government, to ensure a healthy abundance of fish for future generations.

Iceland waters are protected. They are impeccably clean. No one, but the locals, can fish in their waters. This reduces pollution, keeps fish stocks high, and keeps Icelanders employed.

Iceland has the cleanest, freshest, most sustainable seafood in the world. Period.

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Why choose Nordic Catch?

Packaged Better

Our fish is SKIN-PACKED, not vacuumed.
This eliminates air pockets, detrimental to the freshness of the fish.
Oh yea, and this is done IN ICELAND, immediately after filleting, locking in that freshness.

Shipped Sustainably

We only use sustainable, cotton insulation to ship our products.  This takes as little as 1 year to breakdown in trash dumps.  ZERO foam is used to deliver our products to you.  Like all things Iceland, this is great for our environment.

Nordic Catch Salmon

Sourced & Delivered Fresh

Never frozen.
Sourced from the clean, cold waters of Iceland.
ZERO GMO's, antibiotics, or preservatives.
Fresh fish, and nothing else.  The way it should be.

Consistent Pricing

Each pack is laser-measured and portioned for a consistent weight in every pack.  This minimizes waste, and keeps the price consistent.  You know what you are getting every time.

What about the other guys?

Poorly packaged

They use an old, cheaper method of packaging. Vacuum-packed AFTER you place your order, and days after the fish arrives to the market.
Air pockets in the pack spoil your fish fast.  Will it even be okay to eat when you get it?

Shipped w/ Foam

Foam boxes are an inexpensive way to ship perishable products.  But foam is harmful to the environment, and takes centuries to break down in trash dumps.

Not Nordic Catch fish

Sourced from...?

Most fish markets source products from all over the world.  Sadly, there aren't many places in the world that truly care about sustainability.
Let alone freshness.  Even previously frozen products can be sold as "fresh". Don't be fooled!

Pricing varies

Their fillets are hand-cut and then weighed.  This creates tons of waste and inconsistent portions for you.  Pricing will fluctuate because of this. Some companies even charge extra for it!

is fresh really better?

Fresh v Frozen

FRESH Nordic Catch fish

Think about freshly squeezed orange juice... it just tastes better than concentrate or frozen.

Fresh fish retains its nutrients and firmness.

Guaranteed fresh weekly. You are sure your fish was filleted and packed every week. 

Packed and sealed AT THE SOURCE. Not days later!  Guaranteed freshness until the date printed on each pack.

Firmer texture, better for sashimi, poke, and raw consumption. (NO, you don't need to freeze our fish before consuming raw! It comes from the cleanest, coldest waters in the world!)

FROZEN from everyone else 

Have you ever thawed frozen fruit?  It gets mushy. It seeps juices that are full of nutrition.

Frozen fish works the same. It loses firmness and nutrients.

No guarantee how long your fish was frozen. Weeks, Months, Years?  If you choose to freeze our product, at least you know how long it's been!

Frozen how long after filleting? Most likely it was the "leftover" product that sat for days and didn't sell first at the market.  Our products are filleted and packed the same day!

Jeopardized integrity of the fillet's texture. Loss of firmness and breakdown of tissue makes it difficult to cook in high heat like BBQ's, or handle raw like sashimi.  Always thaw your fish overnight in the refrigerator for best results!

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Don't just take our word for it

Such great quality fish! Easy to order and never frozen! How fresh fish should be! Love ordering from them weekly!

Entrepreneur & Organic Chef


I love love love their salmon!

Actress, singer, author, Nordic Catch lover!


my farmers market seafood (best salmon EVER)!

Blogger & Wellness Enthusiast
Nicole Cogan



Our promise is to always source from sustainable sources in Iceland, leaving minimal impact on our environment!

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100% Guarantee

We guarantee every piece to arrive cold & fresh. If it didn't, reach out and we'll make it right!

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