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Nordic Catch Products

How do you get your fish here, all the way from Iceland, without it ever being frozen?

We work directly with sustainable fisheries in Iceland that catch and process fish to our order.  There are no middlemen between us and the fish.  This allows us to get the freshest fish available in the fastest time possible!  Even the "big guys" call us to source Icelandic fish for their menus!  When you buy from us, you are buying from the source!

How long will the fish last after I buy it?

Check out the date printed on the back of each package!  This is our recommended "Enjoy or freeze by" date. 

Choosing a delivery day of Thursday any week, will give you the longest shelf life!

This date will vary based on type of fish and when it was packed in Iceland.  We guarantee that you receive product super fresh with every shipment!

Can I freeze the fish? Will it still be okay to eat afterwards?

Yes!  Our airtight seal will actually help to protect the fish in the freezer for up to 6 months!  If you know that you will not get to enjoy our products before the date printed on the back, then the sooner you freeze it, the better!  Keep in mind, the best way to defrost fish is SLOWLY (like overnight in the refrigerator!)

Don't I need to freeze the fish before consuming raw, like sashimi?

NO!  Such a common misconception.  Unlike other parts of the world... All of our products are sashimi-grade and come from the cleanest waters in the world, Iceland!  Plus, the Arctic is super cold.  That means no parasites can grow on our fish.  That's why NO ANTIBIOTICS are ever needed, and you can just open up a pack and enjoy it raw! 😉

When will you offer more types of seafood products?

We want to be sure that we can supply you with a consistent supply of fresh fish every week.  So we carefully select the types of fish that are readily available to us all year-round.  We are always looking to expand our line of products!  Be sure to sign up to our weekly newsletter to be first to know about new products and exclusive discounts!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do!  Visit our dedicated wholesale website to learn more!


Are your products sustainable?

Yes!  The most sustainable in the world! 
Iceland was the first country to introduce the Individual Transferrable Quota (ITQ) system, and it is still enforced to this day!

Strict quotas, renewable resources, and endless glacier water supplies are all facts about Iceland.  This means that no species will ever become endangered, and all farm sites use renewable energy and fresh glacier water throughout!  There's a reason Iceland is always rated high among the "Greenest Countries" in the world!

Isn't fish farming bad for the environment?

Not in Iceland!  Fish farms in Iceland are strategically located in the Fjords around Iceland (in the ocean!).  These are pockets between land where fresh glacier water runs into the ocean.  That means farm sites have a constant flow of clean, cold, glacier water running through them.  It is like natural filtration.  This is why no antibiotics are ever used, and no energy is needed to constantly pump clean water through!  The feed is completely natural ingredients, mimicking the same diet that fish would find in nature.  It's as close to wild as you can get all year-round, WITHOUT freezing!

How about your delivery/shipping materials?

No foam here!  We deliver all of our products in insulated boxes that use sustainable cotton liners!  This cotton insulation can be discarded in the trash and will break down in about a year, going back into nature, just like where it started!  As for the gel paks we use, go ahead and reuse them dozens of times!  They will hold up for a long time before they need to be discarded!

What certifications do your fisheries have?

We source all of our products from fisheries that are certified by the biggest organizations in the world!  Such as, Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Iceland Responsible Fisheries!


What's the cost to ship?

FREE Shipping available! Please check out our Shipping Info page for the latest updates on shipping prices!

When will I receive my order?

You choose the day you want to receive your order! You will pick a date in the cart, before checkout.

Order with some lead time to guarantee inventory!

Will my fish arrive cold?

Yes! We pay extra to ship all orders overnight to minimize transit time. Your box will be insulated with plenty of food safe ice packs!

In case of delays, our packaging has been 3rd party tested to withstand up to a 48 hour transit!

Are your shipments carbon neutral?

Yes! We've opted to join UPS in their Carbon Neutral program where we pay a small fee with every shipment, matched by UPS, and donated to verified projects that are actively offsetting CO2 emissions!

My order says it's delayed, what do I do?

Don't panic! Delays by UPS do happen from time-to-time. This is why we add extra ice packs to every shipment.

If your order is delivered a day later, it should be perfectly fine.

Though we are monitoring all shipments, and likely informed you about a delay already, we highly recommend reaching out to UPS directly to make any arrangements to get your shipment asap! There is very little we can do on our end once UPS has your box! But feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

It's also best to download the UPS My Choice app so you can easily manage your shipments!

Local Delivery (Los Angeles)

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

We offer multiple options for local delivery! 

A standard rate for delivery by 3pm that requires someone to accept delivery.  And a premium rate, offering "worry-free" delivery in one of our insulated boxes, using sustainable, biodegradable cotton insulation, and reusable gel packs!  FREE over $95!

Guaranteed to keep your fish fresh for up to 24 hours!

Who is delivering my order?

We are!  We handle all Local Delivery orders ourselves!  This ensures that your order is being transported safely, at the right temperature, and by someone who really cares!

Can I track my delivery in real-time?

Definitely!  We use advanced delivery software that will send you automatic text-messages keeping you updated on your delivery, as well as a link to track your delivery driver in real-time.  You can even call and text your driver directly through the tracking page!

Can I send a digital tip to my delivery person?

You sure can!  You can tip the entire team at the checkout page just before placing your order!  You can also send a tip through Venmo @NordicCatch!  You will receive a text-message with a link directly to our Venmo page after your order is delivered! 

I need to change my delivery date, how do I do that?

Simply reply to your order confirmation email and let us know when you'd like your order delivered.  We'll take care of the rest!

Do you recycle the gel packs and cotton insulation I received with my premium service delivery?

Of course!  Feel free to leave these items outside your door and we'll pick them up the next time we deliver!  Don't feel bad about throwing away the insulation, it's biodegradable!  Natural cotton fibers will break down in about a year, going back into nature just like where it started!


How do I make changes to my subscription?

Manage your subscription any time in your customer portal here. Update payment information, delivery address, change quantities, and more!

Can I swap products in my subscription?

Yes! You can swap products at any time! Pricing will automatically update accordingly.

What day will my subscription be delivered?

Subscription orders trigger on Tuesdays. They will be delivered on Friday that week.

If you'd like to change your delivery day, just reach out here!

I won't be home at the time of delivery, what do I do?

Don't worry!  All subscription orders are delivered in our "Worry Free" insulated packaging!  We use sustainable cotton insulation to keep your order cold and fresh!  If you will be out of town for a long period of time, be sure to skip a delivery that week!  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FORGET TO RECEIVE YOUR ORDER!

Can I use my loyalty rewards discounts on subscription orders?

YES! Subscription orders are eligible for a $20 discount code when redeeming points.

Learn about redeeming rewards here.

Do you recycle the gel packs and cotton insulation I received with my delivery?

Of course!  Feel free to leave these items outside your door and we'll pick them up the next time we deliver! (Only applies to local delivery orders that are delivered by us!) 

Don't feel bad about throwing away the insulation, it's biodegradable!  Natural cotton fibers will break down in about a year, going back into nature just like where it started!

Referral Program

How do I sign up for your referral program?

Please sign up here!

Nordic Catch Referral Sign Up!

Does my referral discount expire?

Nope! Your account will automatically bank your referral earnings until you redeem them all at once!

Can I earn a referral discount from someone that didn't use my link?

Unfortunately no. Since there is no way to verify a referral, all orders must be initiated by going through your personal referral link!

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