A selection of meat & poultry products vetted to meet the Nordic Catch Standards.

The products offered in this collection are frozen, and can ship overnight alongside any of our fresh, sashimi-grade seafood. Slight thawing in transit is normal. Freeze or consume within 5 days upon delivery.

View each product page to learn about the source, the product, and why we selected it.

  • Sustainability

    Just like our seafood from Iceland, the products we select are sourced from farms and producers that have implemented sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.

    Read more about our sustainable practices 
  • Quality

    Being selected as the 'Best Sushi Grade Seafood' in the country by Food Network, we are only selecting the "best in class" of any other category. It's quality backed by Nordic Catch.

  • Consistency

    Our pricing and portions have always been consistent. You know what to expect week-to-week, and can plan your meals with consistent portions in each pack. This has become our standard for any new product selection we offer.

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The Nordic Selections

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Are these products frozen?


We source the products in this collection in small batches and not weekly like our fresh seafood, so we deep freeze most products within the first 3 days of arriving to us.

Are these products available everywhere?

For now, products in this collection are exclusively available online.

Occasionaly we will offer these products at our local farmers markets.

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What material is used for shipping?

We use the same, sustainable materials used to ship our fresh, sashimi-grade seafood!

Because we choose to ship nearly all of our orders overnight, the transit time is minimal. This ensures that our frozen or fresh products remain in their same state when you receive it.