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“The best sushi grade seafood delivery company.”

- Food Network

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Never frozen from Iceland

Sushi Grade Seafood

Our seafood from Iceland is what established Nordic Catch as the "Best Sushi Grade Seafood Delivery Company"! We are the only company delivering these fresh, never frozen, nationwide.

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Michelin-quality meats

Wagyu, Ibérico, Lamb, and more

Our selection of premium meats follow the Nordic Catch Standards of Quality, Sustainability, and Consistency.

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Smoked Salmon (Nova Lox) (2-3 servings) - Nordic Catch

Ready to entertain

Smoked Salmon & Cured Spanish Pork

Our lox is favorited because it is free of sugar, and made with the same sushi-grade salmon from Iceland.

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Salmon* Sashimi (8oz block) - Planted by Boldly - Nordic Catch

Planted by Boldly®

Yes, this is 100% Vegan

In partnership with Boldly®, we introduce a line of soy-free, 100% plant based seafood products.

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Black Lava - Icelandic Sea Salt - Nordic Catch

Hand-harvested in the Arctic

Icelandic Sea Salt

Our sea salt is sustainably made using geothermal energy to slowly heat the clean Arctic waters around Iceland, leaving you with pure, crunchy flakes of sea salt.

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BIG! Caramel - Nordic Catch

Bean-to-bar with a creative twist

Omnom Chocolate Reykjavik

Omnom Chocolate shares the same philosophy of creating high quality products with a sustainable focus, as we do with our seafood.

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Rejuvenate your body

Icelandic Health & Wellness

Indulge in the purity of Iceland's landscape and mineral-rich waters. Bring the lagoon to your home with health & welness products crafted in Iceland.

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Freeze Dried from our Sushi Grade Seafood

Human-Grade Pet Treats

Nordic Catch doesn't create waste. Any overstock pieces of our fresh seafood from Iceland get sliced and freeze dried for your pets. That's it, nothing else to it.

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Quality to match our seafood

Fatworks® Premium Cooking Fat and Tallow

We decided to source Fatworks products because all of their fat and tallow are certified Organic, Non-GMO, and from animals raised without antibiotics!

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Ultimate Sushi Night Kit - Sashimi Grade Fish Bundle - Nordic Catch

Why Nordic Catch?

Because you're ready to take your seafood to the next level

We are the only place online to get fresh, never frozen seafood from Iceland! Our family-owned business allows us to move fast. We fly in our seafood weekly and ship to your home the day of arrival, so you can enjoy FRESH, SUSHI GRADE seafood like you've never had before.

  • As the direct source, our seafood is fresher.
  • Even "premium grocers" source from days-old, big-box distributors.
  • Our unique, airtight packaging keeps our seafood fresher, longer.
  • Overnight shipping minimizes transit time, guaranteeing a fresh delivery.
  • All while contributing to a zero-carbon footprint.
  • We also offer the most flexible, à la carte subscription boxes, that give you cash back!
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No way. How do you do it?


How can it be sushi-grade without freezing?

Easy when your seafood is from Iceland! Check out this page.

Freezing is done to kill parasites found in fish so you can eat it raw. Fish from warmer and more contaminated waters do require freezing first, or they are pumped with antibiotics during feedings.

Iceland is surrounded by the coldest, cleanest waters in the world. No parasites will ever be found in our fish. No need to freeze. No need for antibiotics.

What day should I place my order?

Today. You choose your delivery day in the cart page. You can even choose a day up to 2 months from now!

Our fresh batch arrives every Wednesday. If you choose a delivery day between Thursday-Tuesday, your fish will always be from that preceding Wednesday's batch. Guaranteed fresh.

How fresh can it be all the way from Iceland?

We are the source. Working directly with fisheries in Iceland, there are no middlemen. Our fish is skin-packed for us weekly, then arrives to us in less than 36 hours.

We do this every week, so no matter when you place your order it will ship 100% guaranteed fresh to your door!

Do I need to be home when it arrives?

Nope. All deliveries are insulated using recycled cotton insulation and food-safe cold packs. Our materials have been 3rd party tested to withstand up to a 48-hour transit.

How long will the fish last in my refrigerator?

That depends on when you receive it. We guarantee our fresh fish to have up to a 10-day shelf life from the time it is packed in Iceland.

You want it as fresh as possible?

Get it by Thursday or Friday every week.

Can I stock up and freeze some of it?

Definitely. Since our fish has never been frozen, you can do so yourself. Our airtight packaging will protect the fish in the freezer for 6-12 months.

We recommend thawing your fish slowly, like overnight in the refrigerator to maintain its integrity.

Fresh seafood always wins

Taste and texture are the noticeable differences.

"Flash-frozen at peak freshness", "SUPERFROZEN", and any other silly terms = no longer fresh.

Frozen seafood starts thawing in transit, then put into your "non-industrial" freezer for storage. The delicate tissue of seafood does not hold up as well when frozen.

Nordic Catch is the direct source, so our fresh fish arrives to you much faster than buying at your local market.

Sushi-Grade and never frozen, yes it’s true